Turkey Pesto Panini ----------$13.99

Multigrain bread, sliced turkey, nut free pesto, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, side pickle, and chips

Cubano Panini --------------$13.99

Panini roll, slice Ham, slow roast pork, yellow mustard, mayo, pickle, swiss cheese side pickle, and chips.

New Cut Sandwich -----------$12.99

Toasted french roll, ham, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, homemade honey mustard, mayonnaise, side pickle, and chips.

Italian chicken sandwich-$13.99

Ciabatta roll, nut free pesto, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, herb marinade grill chicken side pickle, and chips. (Add bacon $1)

Mediterranean Veg Panini$13.99

Multigrain bread, hummus, nut free pesto, roast pepper, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, feta cheese, mushrooms, red onion side pickle, and chips.

Avocado Panini Grill Chez-$12.99

Sourdough bread, fresh avocado, cheddar cheese mayonnaise side pickle, and chips.  bacon $1

Hola Burrito ------------------------$12.99
Wrap, cheddar cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato
(optional pork or chicken)side of sour cream, belautiko achar  (tomato dipping sauce medium spice).

Pastrami Panini press--------$13.99
Ciabatta roll, beef pastrami, yellow mustard, bacon, caramelized onion, swiss cheese with chips, and pickle.

             Kids menu

Chicken Quesadilla ---------$9.99

Grill Cheese -------------------$9.99

Chicken tenders $10.99 


​Served until 11 am.

Breakfast Burrito-- $10
Wrap with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon , Aaludam mixed vegetables( potatoes , cauliflower, garbanzo beans , onion ,tomatoes, sweet green peas medium curry spice)

Vegetable Omelet-- $10
Mix fresh chop vegetables ,onion, squash, tomatoes, mushroom, spinach, peppers,

*Bagel & eggs ---$10
Plain bagel, double fried eggs, ham, swiss cheese and side of roasted vegetables..

*No. 5 ----- $10
Option croissant or Ciabatta bread, avocado, tomatoes, double fried eggs, homemade honey mustard, and swiss cheese.

*Breakfast Sandwich--- $10
English muffins, double fried eggs, ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese and side of roasted vegetables.

*Sausage and eggs sandwich---$10​ (OUT)
 English muffin, cheddar cheese, sausage, and double eggs and side of roasted vegetables.​

Panini Toast/Sandwiches 

Breakfast Menu 

Public cafe Menu 

Soups and Salads 

Total meal / bev. tax 7.00%

Before placing your order Please inform the server about any food allergies. We will try our best to make a healthy choice for you.

*Consuming raw, undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. 

* Sandwiches are hold by frills picks please remove before eat.

​                                                         Thank you


Homemade soups

Daily soups ---8oz.$8,12oz$9,16oz.$10

Chicken ,vegetable & noodles soup 

Samosa----(sano sizeko 7)-----------$8.99 ​(OUT)

Hari’s Romaine salad --------------- $10.99
Romaine chop, avocado, bacon, carrots, tomato, cheddar cheese, and dressing. (White creamy)

Greek salad------------------$10.99
Romaine chop, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, peppers, kalamata olive with

herb vinaigrette.

Mix Green --------------$10.99
Mix green, orange, tomato, mango, carrots, avocado, sugared pecan ,cranberries and lemon cilantro vinaigrette.

Spinach -------------------------$10.99
Baby spinach, orange, mango, tomatoes, carrots, sugared pecan, cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette.

​Roasted Beets Salad-11.99 
Mix green, tomatoes, carrots, feta cheese, sugared pecan, cranberries, roast beets with herb vinaigrette.

(Add  chicken $4.99, shrimp$8)

        Public Drinks 

​   All coffees are Organic.

     Iced                              Small     Large

Iced Coffee reg.  ---------------$4           $4.50

Iced Latte ----- -----------------$4.75        $4.99

Iced Caramel Macchiato ----- $4.75       $4.99

Iced Mocha  ---------------------$4.75      $4.99

Iced Black tea ---------------- -$3.50        $3.75

Iced Green Tea-----------------$3.50         $3.75

Iced House Chiya--------------$3.99        $4.25

Iced Org.Cold Brew------- ---$4.25        $4.50

Vanilla Cold Brew ----------  $4.75          $4.99

Caramel Frappuccino ---------$6.00 one size.

  Berries & Banana Smoothie ----$6.50


Hot                                 Small          Large

House Chiya ---------------$3         $3.25 

Reg. M. roast Coffee------$2.75        $2.99

Espresso Shot--------------$2.50          $2.75

Latte ------------------------$4.50          $4.99

Cappuccino-----------------$4.50          $4.99

Mocha Latte----------------$4.75          $4.99

Americano -----------------$2.99           $3.25

Caramel Macchiato -------$4.75          $4.99

Black Tea-------------------$2.25

Green Tea-------------------$2.25


                                        **​ Special​s**

BLT With Avacado----------$13.99

​    Toasted multigrain bread, mayonnaise, fresh avocado, bacon, iceberg lettuce, and tomato side of chips and pickle.


​​                                        Kimcheese---------------$13.99
  Slowly cooked pork with homemade kimchi, lettuce, cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard on a toasted roll side of chips and pickles.

                                        *Public Poké-------------$16.99 GF
 Fresh avocado, tuna, marinade sesame ginger sauce, house-made kimchi, and steam rice.


                                          Veg. MOMO ---------------$14.99
Homemade Nepalese potstickers, stuffing  vegetable, ginger, garlic, cumin, cilantro, spices, and side of belautiko achar  (tomato dipping sauce medium spice)

                                    Chicken & Veg Curry---------$18.99 GF
Sauté chicken tender, Yellow squash, Zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onion, eggplant, red coconut curry sauce with jasmine rice.
(Optional Chicken 18.99, Shrimp 21.99)

 Chicken Tikka Masala --------$18.99 GF
Sauté chicken tenders, onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, with cream and curry masala sauce serving steam jasmine rice and veg. of day.

*Bibimbap Mixed Rice-------$20.99 GF
Slowly cooked boneless beef short rib with mix veg. onion, carrots, mushrooms ,broccoli ,napa cabbage, celery, fried egg, house-made kimchi, side of sweet spice sauce over steam jasmine rice.

                                    Everest MOMO-------------------$14.99
Homemade Nepalese potstickers, stuffing ground pork, vegetable, ginger, garlic, cumin, cilantro, spices, and side of belautiko achar  (tomato dipping sauce medium spice)

                                 Asian Stir-fry ----------------------$18.99
Mix vegetables, carrots, celery, onion, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli ,napa cabbage, stir-fry sauce with noodles

(Optional chicken18.99, beef 20.99, or shrimp 21.99.)

                                    Aaludam Rice-----------------------$14.99 GF
 Mixed vegetables with potatoes, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, sweet green peas, and mild curry spices serve rice.

                                 Bhutimam  (Fried Rice) GF

 Chop mix veg. carrots, onions, peppers, peas ,eggs ,rice on the side of belautiko acchar.  ( Optional chicken or $16.99 shrimp $20.00)


Saute chicken tenders ,peppers onions ,cabbage ,carrots ,tomatoes ,eggs ,udon noodles with medium spice sauce .