​​​​​​​641 Main street chatham                      02633- ma

Breakfast Burrito-- $6
Scramble eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, (Aaludam) mix vegetable potatoes, cauliflower, garbanzo beans, sweet green Peas with curry mild spices wheat wrap.

Vegetable Omelet-- $6

Mix fresh chop vegetable and eggs.

Bagel & eggs ---$6

Plain bagel, fried eggs, ham, cheese side of roasted veg of the day

Breakfast sandwich--- $5

English muffin, fried eggs, ham, bacon, cheese.

No. 5 ----- $ 6.50

Ciabatta bread, avocado, tomatos, fried eggs, honey mustard, Swiss cheese.

Served until 11 am.       Thank You​​​​